Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

These Terms and Conditions set forth herewith shall define the method for conducting business henceforth between Client and MWS Professionals

MWS Professionals is an Internet site engineering provider offering the Client graphical structure, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Drupal and other related PC programming lingos.

2. Affirmation of Work

References are authentic for 30 days from date of issue. Right when the Client puts in a request to purchase a site or site is created by MWS Professionals, the request addresses a plan for MWS Professionals to purchase the site or site redesign No contractual obligation exists between Client and Developer until MWS Professionals receives a payment and sends a receipt to the Client for an agreed-upon partial or total plan purchase price. It is Client’s responsibility to ensure that the receipt is correct and should print and keep a copy for their records.

MWS Professionals reserves the right to refuse a request for any reason prior to accepting payment and sending an affirmation receipt to the Client.

Additional work referenced by the Client which is not included in the original agreement is subject to review by MWS Professionals upon receipt. If the additional work request is accepted by MWS Professionals, Client agrees and accepts herewith that this additional work may impact the the time scale and may delay the project. Additional work may result in increased costs as well.

The Client agrees to give and required information required by MWS Professionals in a timely manner to complete the project in the agreed upon timeframe.

Any additional work will result in a minimum base charge of $45.

3. Assent and Copyright

Copyright of the completed site models, pictures, pages, code and source records made by MWS Professionals for the project will be transmitted to the Client upon final payment as agreed. Copyright for all code will remain with MWS Professionals.

These terms of use permit a non-specific license. The terms of this agreement allow client to use the completed project for one site with one name only.

The Client is not permitted to use the code or design created by MWS Professionals for client for more than one site without prior agreement and approval by MWS Professionals.

Client agrees that resale of the completed records, coding and design is denied unless a prior arrangement and agreement is made and approved by MWS Professionals.

The Client in this manner agrees that all media and substance made available to MWS Professionals for use in the project are either guaranteed by the Client or used with full approval of the primary creators and or copyright holders.The Client agrees to hold harmless, and shield MWS Professionals from any case or suit that may develop in light of using the above referenced media and substance.

The Client agrees that MWS Professionals may join progression credits and associations inside any code MWS Professionals structures, builds or reexamines. In case MWS Professionals structures a site for a Client, by then the Client agrees that MWS Professionals may consolidate a headway credit and association appeared on the Client’s site. If MWS Professionals amasses or amends a webpage for a Client, by then the Client agrees that MWS Professionals may consolidate a progression credit and association appeared on the Client’s website page, which may be inside the code anyway not appeared on a web program at whatever point referenced by the Client.

The Client agrees that MWS Professionals asserts all specialist to fuse any work achieved for the Client in a course of action of work. The Client agrees to keep the terms of any outcast programming or media included inside any work achieved for the Client. Occasions of this join, yet are not limited to, Googlemaps, Media under the Creative Commons grant, RSS channels, Open Source GPL Software, etc.

4. Material

MWS Professionals reserves the right to refuse to include:

Any media that is unlawful or off-base.

Any media that contains a contamination or opposing system. Any media that involves baiting, fanaticism, brutality, profanity, harmful objective or spamming.

Any media that includes a criminal offense, or infringes security or copyright.